Constitution and Bylaws

Article 1                  Name and Mission
Section 1

This association shall be known as the Illinois Deer Farmers Association (ILDFA)

Section 2

The Mission of ILDFA shall be:

A.             To promote the Illinois cervid industry.
B.             Provide educational opportunities for others and ourselves through the sharing of information.
C.             To be a collective voice in governmental issues that affect Illinois cervidae. To provide a forum for discussion of problems of deer farming and to keep members fully informed on all matters of interest to deer farmers and potential deer farmers.
D.             To promote high ethical standards in the care, handling and harvesting of Illinois cervidae.
E.              Insist that our membership operate in a legal, honest and forthright manner with fellow members, other cervidae producers and the general public.

Article 2                  Officers

Section 1

Officers of this association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected by majority vote of the membership present at the annual meeting and shall serve a 4 year term. These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by the parliamentary authority adopted by the association and those prescribed bylaws.
Section 2

There shall be 10 members of the Board.             
Section 3

Board members will serve a 3-year term with no limit to the number of terms they may hold.

Section 4

A rotation shall be established with the present board and its officers as needed. Should any active association member be willing to serve on the Board, the individual must notify a member of the Board at least three weeks prior to the annual meeting of their desire to serve. All nominations shall be considered at the next available annual meeting.
Section 5

The President and Vice President shall remain a member of the Board for one year immediately following his or her last term of the office.

Article 3                  Officers’ Responsibilities

Section 1

The President shall:
A.             Preside over all meetings of the association.
B.             Sign or give authority to the treasurer to sign all notes, deeds or other instruments on behalf of the association
C.             Call all regular meetings and special meetings of the association.
D.             Appoint the chairperson and members of all other committees of the association.
E.              He or she shall also, at the annual meeting of the association and at other such times, as he or she deems proper, communicate to the Association such matters and make suggestions as may, in his or her opinion, tend to promote the welfare and increase the usefulness of the association and shall perform such other duties as are necessary incident to the office of President of the Association.

Section 2
The Vice President shall:

A.    The Vice President shall assume the responsibility of President in the absence of the President.
B.    Oversee and facilitate the work of all committees of the Association.
C.    Perform other such duties or special projects as may be assigned.
D.    Prepare him or herself for the succession of Presidency.

Section 3

The Secretary shall:

A.    In the absence, resignation, inability or refusal to serve of the Vice President, perform all duties of that office.
B.    The Secretary will record and maintain minutes of all meetings. He/she will maintain and disseminate all correspondence and tally votes.
C.    Receive association member or non-member complaints.
D.    Perform other such duties or special projects as may be assigned.
E.     Prepare him or herself to become Vice President.

Section 4

The Treasurer shall:
A.    The Treasurer shall deposit all funds of the association in an accredited bank or banks and keep accurate records of collections and withdraws. The funds shall be deposited in the name of the association and the records will be passed along to the successor in office when elected.
B.    The Treasurer may approve all withdraws up to $500.00 with the approval of the President.
C.    Any expenditures exceeding $500.00 will require prior approval of the majority of the Board.
D.    The Treasurer shall refuse to pay any expenditure incurred by any person or committee until all the required expense documentation has been properly presented.
E.     In case of disbandment of the association any and all monies remaining in the treasury, after all debts are paid, will be distributed to one or more (Industry Related) nonprofit charities at the discretion of the board.

Article 4                  Vacancies

Section 1
Board Members shall:

A.    Vacancies created by an incomplete term shall be filled as required by the Board by majority vote.

Article 5                  Committees

Section 1
A.    The Board shall decide which standing committees are deemed necessary and proper to fulfill the objectives and purposes of the association.
B.    Standing committee or special committee chairperson will be members of the Board.
C.    The President shall appoint the committee chairperson, vice chairperson, and members. All appointments of the President shall be subject to the approval of the Board.

Article 6                  Conduct of Meetings

Section 1

A.     Robert’s Rules of Order shall generally govern meetings

Article 7                  Meetings        
         Section 1

A.    There shall be one meeting of the full membership at least once a year.
B.    The President shall only vote on matters which result in a tie vote of the Board members present.
C.   The Board shall hold regularly scheduled business meetings as needed. The President as needed can call for special meetings of the Board.
D.   A quorum of the Board members must be present to hold an official meeting.
E.   All Board meeting agendas and minutes shall be made available to the general membership upon written request to the Secretary of the Board.

Article 8                  Membership        

Section 1

A.    Full membership shall require a minimum of a $50.00 registration fee paid annually. Every paid membership has one vote.
B.    A lifetime membership shall require a minimum of a $500.00 registration fee.
C.   The Board reserves the right to deny or suspend membership for proven unethical practices.

Section 2

Denial of Membership

A.    Any individual may be denied membership in the association if in the opinion of the Board that individual’s past or present conduct has been undesirable. All complaints will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The Board must notify in writing by certified mail of its intent to deny membership in the association. The applicant shall have 30 days from the postmark date of the notification letter in which to respond in writing by certified mail to the office of the Secretary of the Association requesting a formal hearing in front of the Board. Such formal hearing to be held in a time and place designated by the President of the Association not more than 61 days after the postmark date of the member’s reply letter. If the applicant fails to respond as specified above, the membership shall be immediately denied. If a formal hearing is held, the Board shall recommend action and notify the applicant in writing within 10 days of the action taken.

Section 3

Suspension of Membership

Any member of this Association who in past or present:

A.   Violates the by-laws or the rules and regulations of the Association.
B.   Felony convictions shall be considered by the Board on an individual basis but shall not constitute as an absolute bar to membership of the Association.
C.   Shall conduct themselves in a manner as to make their membership undesirable.
D.   Practices in the sale of cervidae are such as to impair the reliability of the records.
E.   Engages in any illegal practices related to our industry.
F.   Has been expelled or suspended by the ILDFA shall be subject to censure, suspension, or expulsion by the Board after notice and formal hearing.

Section 4

A.   All Board members shall pay dues.
B.    No Board member or Officer shall receive salaries related to ILDFA.

Article 9                  Membership Dues

Section 1
A.   The Board shall set membership dues.
B.   All membership dues are due on January 1 of each year.
C.   Dues, once accepted are non-refundable.

Article 10                  Non-Liability

Section 1

The Board, Officers or agents of the Association shall not be held personally liable of the obligation of the ILDFA unless it is found proven the individual has personally received some ill-gotten gains through their actions. The Association shall hold corporation registration through the Illinois Secretary of State for among other things, liability purposes.           

Article 11                  Code of Ethics

Section 1

This code shall serve as a guide to members of the Association in conducting their affairs. The code is not intended to cover to cover all possible undesirable activities and in no way, shall restrict the right of the Board to expel any member whose conduct or activities, in the opinion of the Board, is detrimental to the Association as provided in these by-laws. Because the expulsion of a member is a serious event, the Board will require that any alleged violation be given in full written detail to the Association’s President. If, in the opinion of a majority of the Board, a violation has taken place, the Board will schedule a meeting to allow the member in question to respond to the allegation. If then it is the opinion of a majority of the Board that a violation(s) of the Associations code of ethics has taken place, one or more of the following actions may be taken:

A.   Send the violating member(s) a letter of reprimand
B.   Suspend the violating member for a period of time as determined by the Board.
C.   Expel the violating member from the Association.

In cases of an alleged violation, all information and discussions, recommendation and decisions will be kept strictly confidential among the Board. The only information that may be released publicly is that a specified member has been suspended or expelled. The letter sent to the violating member would plainly state that, “The Board regrets that it must suspend or expel your membership in the ILDFA”. The Board will not publicly elaborate on any decision regarding its decision to suspend/expel a member. If, after a proper review or hearing, the Board finds a violation has not occurred, the Board will duly note its findings and will provide the member in question a statement of its findings. If a member of the Board is alleged to have violated the code of ethics, this member must abstain from all meetings, discussions and votes regarding the alleged violation or any released issues in question.

Section 2

Code 1

Members will always keep the welfare and safety of domesticated animals foremost in mind during their day-to-day activities.
Code 2

Members will abide by all federal, state and local laws, which affect their activities as cervidae farmers.
Code 3

Members will always provide adequate food, facilities and health care to insure the well-being of their farmed cervidae.

Code 4

Members will always take precautions (often beyond the requirements of governmental regulations) to prevent the spread of parasites and disease.               

Code 5

Members who offer cervidae for sale will give a complete description and provide documentation (if available) as to age, health condition and genetic background. All available records must be provided to the buyer at the time of sale.

This code of ethics becomes effective and enforceable immediately upon association with the Association. The Board reserves the power to modify, delete, and add to this code at any time with or without full notification to the membership. Non-members will be considered in violation of a code, if the alleged offence occurred before the formal adoption of a new code, or modification of an existing code