Update: Winter 2017-18

Planning a Productive 2018

By: Gail Veley
Originally appeared in the Winter 2017-18 Issue of the Upper Midwest Cervid Newsletter

Although January and February can be a cold and hard time of year for outdoor chores, it's also a time to look ahead to those things deer farmers anticipate the most, said Greg Mills, President of The Illinois Deer Farmers Association (ILDFA). “I think we’re all ready for spring,” said Mills, who recently returned from the well-attended Top 30 sale. “Bucks shed their antlers, a new growing season starts, and we begin getting ready for fawns.” 

Likewise, ILDFA is getting ready for a productive year and is currently in the planning stages for their Annual Meeting. Although the format will stay the same with guest speakers and a fundraiser, the venue may change, Mills said. A meeting date has yet to be determined but should be by mid-February. ILDFA is also in the process of updating their Membership List so that everyone remains current and is able to enjoy the benefits of membership, including the quarterly magazine. 

Because of the ongoing efforts made by ILDFA and State Lobbyist Jim Riemer “right now as we sit Illinois is a very friendly state for deer farming or for a hunting preserve,” Mills explained. “We have a good relationship With the Department of AG and a good relationship with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, We are very fortunate.”

Because of this, Mills encourages everyone to come to the NADeFA National Convention March 22nd-24th, 2018 in Frenchlick, Indiana. "It’s so close by there’s no reason to not come and have a good time," he said. “Anyone with an interest in deer farming will greatly benefit. It’s a very family friendly event.” 

Until then, stay involved and visit the ILDFA website at www.ILDFA.com