Update: Fall 2017

The Illinois Deer Farmers Association - Still Enjoying Their Deer Farmer Friendly State

Originally appeared in the Fall 2017 Issue of the Upper Midwest Cervid Newsletter

The Illinois Deer Farmers Association (|LDFA) had a very productive annual meeting on October 7th at The Penn Station Center in Arthur, Illinois. From the election of officers, to an educational presentation by Dr. Douglas Wagner, to a good fundraiser, the day went extremely well, said newly-elected ILDFA President Greg Mills. 

Other elected officials include: Dr. Cliff Shipley, Vice President for a four-year term; Jason Ruhall, Board Member for a three-year term and Chet Hostetler, Board Member for a three-year term. After the general meeting and the election of officers was completed, the group enjoyed a presentation by Dr. Douglas Wagner of Newport Labs. Highlighting general herd health through a proper vaccination program was his focus. “It was a very interesting and extremely informative presentation,” Mills said. A printed version of his presentation will be posted at www.lLDFA.com the association's website.

Lunch was followed by a fundraiser which brought in $12,000. Participants won a family weekend vacation at a cabin, furniture, farm supplies and other deer industry related items. Cash donations were welcomed too. “Of the money we raised literally nearly 100% goes to pay Jim Riemer our lobbyists we have at the state capital,” Mills said. “He has been excellent ever since we’ve had him. He’s been instrumental in watching out for us. He’s been a real asset.”

Because of Riemer and the ongoing efforts made by the ILDFA “right now as we sit Illinois is a very friendly state for deer farming or for a hunting preserve,” Mills explained. “We have a good relationship with the Department of Ag and with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.”

With those relationships in place for now, Mills hopes large numbers of interested deer enthusiasts will show up at future events, including the Top 30 Sale January 10th, 11th, and 12th in Collinsville, Illinois. ILDFA will have a booth. “Whether you are interested in deer farming or already a deer farmer, we strongly encourage you to come and become a member. It’s a great venue to learn some things and meet people if you’re interested in deer farming.” Being a member can help interested participants stay abreast of what is happening throughout the year. Annual Memberships will now coincide with the annual meeting so as to make it easy for everyone to either join or renew, Mills said.

Mills also encourages everyone to come to the NADeFA National Convention March 22nd-24th in Frenchlick, Indiana and become a member of their organization as well. “It’s so close by there’s no reason to not come and have a good time,” he said. Other events next year may include a picnic. The board will meet soon and decide whether or not this will happen.

In the meantime, please visit the lLDFA website at www.lLDFA.com. It is now being kept up-to-date on a regular basis by Mill's son.