Misting Systems - Providing Answers and Solutions

By: Gail Veley
In conjunction with: George Tunal, Guardian Misting Systems
Originally appeared in the Summer 2016 Issue of Whitetails of Louisiana

A misting system protects your deer on a regular schedule by producing a blanket of mist harmless to them, but lethal to insects. It does what no human being can physically do - protect your deer from insects every hour of the day, every day of the week, and every week of the year. This can greatly assist each deer in producing to their maximum potential. Biting insects can cause stress and can also bring about outbreaks of EHD and/or blue tongue. This has devastating effects on a deer herd, ultimately the biggest investment on your farm.

Misting systems are programmed to spray for 60 to 90 second cycles. A properly installed system is far superior to a homemade system pieced together from various hardware store parts. A professional misting system Is uniquely designed and engineered for each deer farm. Taking into account south winds and uphill and downhill slopes on the land. Each system is balanced so that the appropriate PSI and insecticide concentration is delivered at the correct intervals.

Misting systems can also cover a variety of areas from a small yard, an entire resort, or a 100-acre breeding facility. They are solid, weatherproof, and virtually indestructible. They can also be surprisingly low maintenance, considering how large these systems are.

On a deer farm there are several insect management choices. While topical treatments, feedthroughs, and vaccines are all valuable practices, a misting system is emerging as the most effective area treatment possible. Above all, these systems are quiet and place zero stress on your deer and can be installed over large areas and several acres. A misting system, given the peace of mind it brings a deer owner and the health benefits it brings to a herd of deer, is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again. Considering how much your deer cost, the cost of one of these systems pales in comparison. Let a misting system provide the answers and solutions you are looking for, for optimum deer health.