2019 Evaluation of Experimental EHDV2 Vaccine

Evaluation in Florida
  • Among 217 vaccinated white-tailed deer, none died from EHDV2 infection.
  • Cervidae Health Research Initiative (CHeRI) performed necropsies and testing to determine cause of death of 34 deer enrolled in the study.
  • Study conclusion: the experimental EHDV2 vaccine appeared to reduce the risk for white-tailed deer to get sick and die from EHDV2 infection.
Safety Evaluation in other states
  • Among 449 vaccinated white-tailed deer, minimal adverse events were reported.
  • Vaccine was used in Illinois, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.
  • Study conclusion: the vaccine typically caused lameness and lethargy for 2-7 days after injection. All deer returned to normal health, with no further complications or concerns. There appeared to be no major difference in safety when comparing administration by syringe/needle versus dart gun.
2020 Evaluation of Experimental EHDV2&6 Vaccine (unlicensed)
  • Medgene Labs has been granted USDA approval to field test a new, experimental Multivalent EHDV Vaccine for Serotype 2 and Serotype 6. The USDA is allowing Medgene to sell this experimental vaccine directly to livestock producers in 2020. No efficacy or safety has been demonstrated for this product.
  • Users are being asked to collect data on the use of the vaccine to provide support for vaccine licensure.
  • The vaccine is a 2mL, two dose product that may be used in white-tailed deer, bison, elk, fallow deer, goats, moose, mule deer, muntjac, red deer, reindeer, sheep, and sika deer. Animals should be 3 months of age or older at the time of vaccination. If you are interested in using the product in a species not listed, please contact Medgene and we will request USDA permission to use the product in that species.
  • The vaccine is available in 10-dose and 25-dose packages. Each package contains two bottles. At the time of vaccination, the two bottles are mixed together and the contents should be used within the same day.
  • The vaccine is available in 10-dose packages NOW! Each dose costs $12. Shipping charges extra.
  • Each individual will need to contact Medgene Labs directly to obtain the vaccine. Specific information and owner consent paperwork is required prior to USDA authorization to ship to each individual farm. This process can take time, so please contact Medgene as soon as possible to get vaccine in a timely manner.
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Ashley Petersen