Medgene Vaccine Update

The following is an update Dr. Shipley has received from Medgene Labs:

Good morning,

I wanted to send out an update that Medgene currently has about 5,000 doses of EHDV2 vaccine available. Deer that received 2 doses this past summer/fall will need a single dose booster for the 2020 EHD season. Our recommendation is to vaccinate April-June for best results. 

Per USDA guidelines, we are still required to get approval prior to shipping vaccine to each location. In an effort to reduce delay to clients, we are recommending to purchase the vaccine ahead of time. We will likely have EHDV1, EHDV6 and several BTV vaccines available in 2020 as well. These vaccines will be able to be used in cervids and/or camelids, not just white-tailed deer. 

Please let me know if you would like to place an order or have any questions.