Vice-President's Message and Newsletter September 2019

All y’all,

I write to remind everyone of the fall picnic @ Rusty Karr’s place (Dominant Genetics) just east of Wapella, IL. The picnic is on September 21st, 2019 and will be starting at 10:30 AM. Since I do not have an updated, complete list of all addresses, I ask that everyone invite or pass the word on to other deer farmers in the state.  If you can, please pass any changes in addresses, phone numbers etc. along to me as well.  We’d like to start picnicking around 10:30 am for farm tours, story swapping, bags or whatever.  Bring chairs if you can and a dish for all to share.  Rusty and I will provide burgers, hot dogs, brats or whatever roadkill we can find.  Throw in a 12 pack of your favorite beverage and they’ll be ice to chill it!  We will have a board meeting @ 1:00 but all are invited to attend/voice their opinions.

An added attraction to attend the picnic will be a drawing for ALL paid members of a free straw of semen.  Semen is being donated by Rusty, Doug Marsh and myself.  If you want mule deer semen instead of the WT semen, then let me know and I’ll swap it out.  We NEED everyone there that we can get.  Straw names will be drawn out of a hat at the start of the board meeting @ 1:00.  Names like Big Time, BW Sunny, Cherokee, Crossfire, Larry, Palmer, Larmax, Picture Perfect, Sicario, Challenger, Salt Lick Magnet, Ultra, King of the Mountain, etc.… Want some piebald or white genetics, we can throw that in as well.

Financially we need your help to make it through to our fundraiser in January.  Please pay your dues, buy a lifetime membership or just make a donation.  Our organization needs to remain strong and active.  Just look at other states.  We are lucky (maybe the only thing to be lucky about) to be in Illinois at the moment.  All that can change with one legislative move.

Please take a look at our website and Facebook pages.  We also have a member’s Facebook page. Justin Hohlen has worked hard to update and post information.  We also have a mailbox at that you can send information, RSVP to the picnic or just send a message. You can also fill out the contact form on the website under the contact us tab on the drop-down menu.  I currently don’t Facebook much, looks like I might have to learn.

If you have any questions (or answers!), give me a shout.  Text or phone 217-493-2958 or email


Randy's address is 14500 Irish Row Road, Wapella, IL 61777

We will be accepting dues and membership forms on the day of the picnic. You are still eligible to get a straw as long as you pay at the picnic or prior to it.