Medgene EHD Vaccine Trial

Medgene Labs is running a EHDV2 vaccine trial and they would like deer farmers to participate in. They are close to initiating the study and have asked that this information be passed along.

Deer farmers are able to directly contact Medgene Labs to be included in the vaccine study and they can sell directly to farmers. It is recommended that deer farmers work with their veterinarian, but you are not required to have them sign off on anything for the trial. It is always a good idea to involve your vet in the management of your animals' health. 

Deer farmers may contact Medgene labs through Ashley Swanhorst. Ashley's contact information is included at the bottom. You may feel free to contact her for more information on the trial or if you have questions. 

Contact Information:

Ashley Swanhorst, M.S.
Clinical R&D Lead
Medgene Labs,
1006 32nd Avenue,
Brookings, SD 57006