Health Beat December 2011

By: Dr. Cliff Shipley

As the year winds down, there are lots of things that we need to think about. I know that I always forget and leave things till the last minute! I’ve instituted a check list for myself (and still forget). My little black date book works best for me to write daily activities down and what day the fawns were born, when did I vaccinate (and for what) as well as logging in numbers and who sold what to whom and move permit numbers and other pertinent information. It really helps me when I fill out my CWD forms for the state (and it still takes me hours). I hate their form and given some time (rare), I’m going to try to get a new form made that will be easier to fill out and maintain. Electronic would be ideal, but I know that won’t work for some members.

I want to thank all those who submitted deer and tissues for EHD isolation this year. We isolated EHD from several samples and this will allow us to have a new isolate for the coming year and continued production of our vaccine. EHD continues to kill more deer than any other disease and this is the only tool I know of that doesn’t cost lots of money (spray systems) or pollute our pens with chemicals. On that front, I was contacted today by the company that makes our autogenous vaccine and they are going to try to get permission from various state and federal agencies to make a “regional” vaccine for different areas of the country. This would be fabulous as it would allow multiple antigens in the vaccine and give more and better protection. I hope it comes to fruition and I will keep ya’ll in the loop as to when and how it is going.

Just a few words about TB and Brucellosis. Please double and triple check all your dates for testing. If any questions, call the state veterinarian or the federal veterinarian’s office. The rules are complex, complicated and when it comes to moving or buying a deer, may take an interpretation of the rules for different situations. I know that’s not always right, but that’s the way it is. When contacting anyone, write their names down and when you talked to them and ask for an email confirmation or written confirmation of what needs to be done or that what you are doing is correct or what needs to be done to correct the situation. Try to do this in advance of sale or purchase if possible. It may save testing later or suspension of accreditation or certification.

Another important change. CWD. The funding for the federal program has been cut. The state is going to be charging $45 for the test at Centralia, plus you will be paying someone to take the sample. I am working with our lab here at the University of Illinois to see if they can become certified to do the test and run it cheaper. Stay tuned. The lab director is in favor of it and hopes to be able to do the testing soon for less than the $45.

Last, but not least, I have a new colleague here at the UI that is interested in deer and deer research. Dr. Jordyn Boesch is an anesthesiologist and is looking for deer herds to do her research on anesthetics with. If you are butchering deer on farm she is interested in samples from them. She is also looking for herds that will let her bleed deer for some of her trials and also to do some anesthetic work on different drugs and combinations of drugs. Please contact me or Dr. Boesch if interested.