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Whitetail Extravaganza

The Gateway Center

Collinsville, IL

January 8-10, 2014


Attention Fellow Illinois Deer Farmers

2014 will bring change to the ILDFA website!!!!

Candy Parish will be taking over my place as ILDFA website designer.

 I have enjoyed this past year. Going into this, I had no idea what

I was doing but was willing to give it a shot and do the best I could.

I recieved so many compliments on the website, which made me feel like 

I was actually doing the ILDFA website justice. It was a learn as

I go kind of experience. I had hoped for more of my

fellow ILDFA deer farmers to send in pictures and news for posting

but I am hopeful 2014 will bring in more information for Candy to use,

so she can keep the website updated and fresh.

It has been a pleasure to serve as your 2013 ILDFA web designer.

Starting January 1st 2014 you can send all your items for the ILDFA website to

 Candy Parrish   217-497-2489


Sincerely, Candy Parrish

Attention Illinois Deer Farmers!!!!!

ILDFA members , EHD has reared its ugly head again this year in our state in the areas of Alton, Bunker Hill, Greenup and also the Effingham - Dietrech  area.  We are in need of animals for necropsy to identify whether or not we may be dealing with a new strain of the virus. Animals can be submitted to the lab at the University of Illinois, contact Dr. Shipley if you are able to submit an animal for testing. Remember we now must test animals 12 months and older. Also please read the column below to see if your farm can be of help on learning more about EHD. There are people working with Dr. Lee Consteadt on the study of the midge bugs. They need to start right away.  Contact number is below.  

 Greg Mills

There are some people here that want to do some research on Culicoides (EHD carrier) here in Illinois.  They are looking to set out traps to catch and identify species of the bug that carry EHD and BT viruses.  If any of our farmers would like to work with them (and I would encourage) they should contact the person below to set up a visit and placement of traps.  Hopefully this will lead to more help for us in our battle with EHD. They are working with Dr. Lee Consteadt @ ARS who will be speaking at our annual meeting.  If anyone has questions they may also contact me. Farmers with current problems and those that have had them in the past are especially important.  Can you send a mass email to our membership to convey the message.  They would like to start right away.

Dr. Cliff Shipley


Marilyn O'Hara 

Clinical Associate Professor

Department of Pathobiology

University of Illinois

Urbana, IL 61802


Phone: 217-265-5115 office


Attention ILDFA Members

Looking for members to send in a weekly picture of their bucks growing.
Please check out the Stepping Stone
(Blood Pumping, Bone Pushing) Page.
Anyone wanting to display their bucks growth can send a weekly
pic with date, preferably on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays
to Candy Parrish at
Look what is NEW to the ILDFA Website
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Anyone wanting to display their deer on one of
the ILDFA website pages needs to email
 Candy Parrish at
with the information and pictures. Please
put Attn. ILDFA in the subject line of the email.
All members are welcome to submit photos.
Sincerely, Candy Parrish


"Be sure to check out Tank's antler growth"


A Big "Thank You" to Debbie Elledge of

Willie Nelson Whitetails for

stepping up and sending me weekly pictures of

"Tank" for our Stepping Stones page!

He is a beautiful Buck...


Sincerely, Cyndi Bower


ILDFA provides educational opportunities for our members through the

sharing of informative information and experience to educate the general 

public and others about the growing cervid industry. Also, through our

lobbyist at our state capital in Springfield, we have a collective voice in

 the issues that may affect our cervid industry. The ILDFA always puts forth

 the promotion of the highest ethical standards in the care, handling, and harvesting of Illinois’s cervids.  We insist that our members operate legal,

 honest, and forthright operations in conjunction with state and federal laws, fellow members, cervid producers and the general public.The ILDFA will

continue to work diligently to improve our great cervid industry within our

state and beyond. We will do our best to expand opportunities’ for our members to prosper in the future for a bigger and better industry . Pass the word on that the ILDFA is not just a great association to be a member of but is a extended family of friends with one important thing in common - cervid. Don't waste a single minute, come join our family today and become a member of the ILDFA today.

Help Support Your Illinois
Deer Farmers & Illinois Hunting Preserves

Dr. Holly Brophy, DVM

Bel Aire Pet Clinic

1215 N St. Hwy 121

Mt. Zion, Illinois 62549

217-864-2612 or 815-278-0176

Now Offering Cervid Care

Artificial Insemination, Health Certificates,

Semen Collection, Examinations,

Vaccinations, TB Testing

(Rusty Karr of Dominate Genetics supports Holly's work in the Cervid Industry)

Sampson's Ridge

1385 Grinnell Road  Karnak, IL 62956


Sam Castleman, Owner   Phone: (270) 816-3766


Below is a picture of Sam's buck Nuclear

Special Thanks to Rusty Karr for all his generous donations to the ILDFA!
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